środa, 18 kwietnia 2007
Bum from Rondo Waszyngtona

This is a really amazing one, just try sleeping in that position. Apart from that the temperature was rather cold.

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Bums from Park Skaryszewski.

These bums were sleeping, but we managed to wake them up & do some pics ;)Sleeping bum

Woken bum

Startled bumJust look at his face isn't he relaxed after good sleep after few bottles of wine :)

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wtorek, 17 kwietnia 2007
Wino from Żoliborz
Wino from ŻoliborzWino from Żoliborz
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Photos of bums from my collection.

Taking photos of bums is my hobby. Hence I'd like to share them with you.


Bus-stop bum This is a drunk bum from Giżycko. He fallen asleep waitin for the bus :).  Take a look a the position of his legs - typical for bums.

13:12, polishbumsblog
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